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China Industrial Economics
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Current Issue: Issue 11, 2017  

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  • China Industrial Economics is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to report researches on industrial economics and business management, and to reflect outstanding research results on Chinese industrial economy and enterprise development. The scope covers national economy, industrial economy and business management. The journal is included in CSSCI, and is the top journal in the field of industrial economics in China.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Huang Qunhui

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Shi Dan, Li Haijian

Construction of e-commerce platform reputation: from the perspective of value co-creation between platform firms and platform sellers

WANG Xuhui;ZHANG Qilin

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

How to be a world-class enterprise: international experiences and an insight into the development of the Chinese large enterprises

HUANG Qunhui;YU Jing;WANG Tao

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

Effectiveness of Targeted Required-Reserve-Ratio Cut policy: an evaluation based on the consumption and investment stimulatory effects


China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

Capital market regulation and enterprises’ capital structure

CHENG Liubing;YE Fan;LIU Feng

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

City group, agglomeration effect and investment surge: an empirical analysis based on 20 city groups in China


China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

Does minimum wage standard inhibit the formation of new zombie firms?

JIANG Lingduo;LU Yi

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11

City-industry integration and its welfare effects during the new-type urbanization

CONG Haibin;DUAN Wei;WU Fuxiang

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 11