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China Industrial Economics
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  • China Industrial Economics is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to report researches on industrial economics and business management, and to reflect outstanding research results on Chinese industrial economy and enterprise development. The scope covers national economy, industrial economy and business management. The journal is included in CSSCI, and is the top journal in the field of industrial economics in China.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Huang Qunhui

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Shi Dan, Li Haijian

On the development of China’s real economy at the new stage

HUANG Qunhui

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Evolution of enterprise organizational structure based on the hypothesis shifting from “empower” to “enable”

LUO Zhongwei;LI Xianjun;SONG Xiang;LI Yaguang

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Industrial linkages, market competition and capacity accumulation of regional newly-established enterprises


China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Smog control and its economic and social effects: a CGE analysis based on “coal-restricted area” policy

JIANG Chunhai;SONG Zhiyong;FENG Ze

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

The effect of land cost on enterprises’ exporting behavior and its mechanism

HUANG Jiuli;FENG Zhiyan

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Function allocation of finance companies and financing constraints relief of the group’s listed companies

WU Qiusheng;HUANG Xianhuan

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Imports, local economic linkages and reshape of national value chain

LI Feng

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Local service factors and export of high technology industries: based on China’s provincial data of high technology industries

CHEN Qifei;ZHANG Weifu;TANG Baoqing

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Governance effectiveness of certification mechanism in lemon market: an empirical research based on Taobao gold-medal-seller certification

CHEN Yanying;LI Pengsheng

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09

Market access strategy of Chinese firms towards the countries along the Belt and Road

JIANG Guanhong

China Industrial Economics,2017,No. 09