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China Industrial Economics
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Current Issue: Issue 08, 2016  

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  • China Industrial Economics is supervised by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and sponsored by Institute of Industrial Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It aims to report researches on industrial economics and business management, and to reflect outstanding research results on Chinese industrial economy and enterprise development. The scope covers national economy, industrial economy and business management. The journal is included in CSSCI, and is the top journal in the field of industrial economics in China.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Huang Qunhui

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Shi Dan, Li Haijian

Research on power distribution mode of the SOE board of directors: from the perspective of dual power coupling evolution

QU Liang;XIE Zaiyang;HAO Yunhong;Li Weian

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Gender discrimination in hiring markets: evidence from 19,130 resumes in China

ZHOU Xiangyi;SONG Xuetao

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Urban sprawl, multi-center agglomeration and productivity

WEI Shouhua;CHEN Yangke;LU Sihua

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

“Friend network” advantages, in-group conditions and Internet entrepreneurship: from a new integrated perspective of social identity and embeddedness theory

LIU Gang;WANG Zeyu;CHENG Xirong

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Research on spatial non-integration of manufacturing and producer services based on the perspective of the Internet—evidence from the Yangtze River Delta

CHEN Guoliang;TANG Gennian

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Embedding effects in evaluation of multiple environmental policies: evidences from Beijing’s haze and sand control policies


China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Productive spending or security spending: research on fiscal policy operation based on the background of deleverage

LYU Wei;GAO Shuaixiong;ZHOU Chao

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08

Spatial spillover of FDI on entrepreneurship in China

TIAN Bifei;CHEN Ziruo

China Industrial Economics,2016,No. 08