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Dunhuang Research
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Current Issue: Issue 04, 2019  

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  • Dunhuang Research, tested in 1981 and started in 1983, is established for the promotion of Dunhuang studies sponsored by the Dunhuang Academy. The articles published in Dunhuang Research include both Dunhuang studies, and other research fields such as Chinese Buddhism history, art history, ancient Chinese language, ancient folklore, ancient music, ancient science and technology, etc.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Fan Jinshi

    Editorial Board
    Ma De, Wang Xudong, Wang Huimin, Su Bomin, Li Zhengyu, Yang Fuxue, Zhang Yuanlin, Zhang Xiantang, Luo Huaqing, Zhao Shengliang, Hou Liming, Lou Jie, Liang Weiying, Fan Jinshi

Some notes on strengthening the construction of an academic discipline system for Dunhuang studies

CHAI Jianhong

Dunhuang Research,2019,No. 04

On the history, connotation, nature and definition of the term Dunhuangology

HAO Chunwen

Dunhuang Research,2019,No. 04

Revising the text on sugar production in document P. 3303 and discussing the reasons for it only being preserved at Dunhuang

YANG Baoyu

Dunhuang Research,2019,No. 04