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Northeast Asia Forum
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Supervisor(s): Ministry of Education of PRC
Sponsor(s): Jilin University

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Current Issue: Issue 06, 2017  

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  • Northeast Asia Forum is supervised by Ministry of Education of PRC, and sponsored by Jilin University. It is an authoritative academic journal, aiming to promote international cooperation, economic and trade, friendly exchanges, especially emphasizing on the strategic issues among Northeast Asian countries. Its scope covers studies in political, economic, historical, cultural, regional cooperation and international relations of Northeast Asia, and also lays stress on the development and new trends in all industries in Northeast Asian and Asia-Pacific areas. The journal is included in CSSCI.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhu Xianping

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Li Yingwu

    Editorial Board
    Lowell Dittmer (U.S.); Lee Il-houng (ROK); Mikhail Titarenko (RUS); Davydov Andrey (RUS); Ogawa Yuhei(JAP); Wang Jisi; Zhu Xianping; Liu Jiangyong; Liu Debin; Li Junjiang; Li

Crisis and response: Russia’s economic development during Putin’s third term

GUO Xiaoqiong

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

Russian energy interest group game and evolution of Sino-Russian gas relations

FU Jingyun

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

The analysis on the dilemma of climate governance cooperation in East Asia

GUAN Kongwen;FANG Lexian

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

The South China Sea issue in Sino-Japan sea power contradiction

YANG Zhen;CAI Liang

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

Analysis on anti-Anpo movement under the Abe administration: in the perspective of political process theory

WANG Sheng;ZHAO Shiwei

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

Historical evolution and internal logic of Japanese maritime security strategic pattern

BA Dianjun;SHEN He

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

Russia and G20: review on the interest appeals and dynamic mechanism in view of the new concert of powers

XU Fan

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06

The Belt and Road Initiative and reform of global trade governance mechanisms

LIU Zhizhong

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 06