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Eliminating Poverty and Improving People's Livelihoods: Experience from China
Translated from the Chinese edition
Editor(s)-in-Chief: CAI Fang
Publisher(s): China Academic Journals (CD Edition) Electronic Publishing House Co., Ltd.
ISBN: ISBN 978-7-499-01003-1 pdf

First Published: 2021.01.20
Discipline(s): Economics & Management
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  • Poverty eradication is a worldwide problem. As pointed out by UN Secretary-General Jeffrey Feldman, “China is a model for the world and has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. Now it is seeking to contribute to the development of other countries.” Due to historical and natural reasons, China is confronted with inter-regional imbalance in economic development, particularly a relatively big gap between the eastern region and the central and western regions, which has prompted it to keep exploring and thinking about the alleviation of poverty. An important task proposed by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is to “win the battle against poverty,” as “seeing that poor people and poor areas will enter the moderately prosperous society together with the rest of the country is a solemn promise made by our Party.” In order to accomplish this task, the Communist Party of China has given a solemn undertaking to “mobilize the energies of our whole Party, our whole country, and our whole society, and continue to implement targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures.” This book provides a rich collection of empirical analysis and an all-around interpretation of the history, experience, methods and future prospects of poverty alleviation in China, hoping to help the readers fully understand China’s efforts and thoughts as well as its contribution to global poverty reduction. In view of the global attention to the undertaking of poverty alleviation, this book expects that the introduction of the successful Chinese experience can promote the sharing of experience and the formation of consensus and thus contribute to the realization of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the joint building of a community with no poverty, but a shared future for mankind.


1. Forty years of China’s poverty alleviation: ideals, practices, and implications to the world

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2. Research progress and prospect of new-type urbanization and development-oriented poverty alleviation

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4. How does inclusive finance achieve targeted poverty alleviation?

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5. Post-2020 rural urban integrative poverty reduction strategy: development status, evolution, new vision and key areas

Chinese Rural Economy,Part 1: Overview,No. 05

6. Beyond structure and action: an empirical analysis on the road to development-oriented poverty alleviation with Chinese characteristics

Chinese Rural Economy,Part 1: Overview,No. 06

7. A study of practice-oriented enhancement in Xi Jinping’s thoughts of targeted poverty alleviation

Chinese Rural Economy,Part 1: Overview,No. 07

8. Where is the way for China to reduce poverty for a long time: prospects for poverty reduction strategies after the completion of poverty alleviation in 2020

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9. Stable poverty elimination under the targeted poverty alleviation strategy

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10. Poverty alleviation in China: past, present and future

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