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Reflection on Effects of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

LIU Qingquan;XIA Wenguang;AN Changqing;LI Xucheng;WANG Yuguang;MIAO Qing;YANG Fengwen;ZHANG Boli

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine,2020,Vol 61,No. 06

The Belt and Road Initiative and its promotion in the Arab world: public reactions, promotion practice and suggestions

XUE Qingguo

West Asia and Africa,2015,No. 06

Basic framework and approach of cooperation between China’s Silk Road Economic Belt and Eurasian Economic Union

LIU Qingcai;ZHI Jichao

Northeast Asia Forum,2016,Vol 25,No. 04

Connectivity and construction of Asian-European Development Community within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative

LI Xing

Northeast Asia Forum,2017,Vol 26,No. 04

Belt and Road Initiative, new type of globalization and major power relations

ZHONG Feiteng

Foreign Affairs Review,2017,Vol 34,No. 03