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Minimum wages and labor factor allocation efficiency: evidence from regression discontinuity design

XU Shu;DU Pengcheng;WU Mingqin

China Economic Quarterly,2020,Vol 19,No. 01

Ecological governance from the perspective of a community of shared future for mankind

LI Yingchao

Ecological Economy,2020,Vol 36,No. 01

Social change, life course and health status in later life

JIAO Kaishan;BAO Zhiming

Sociological Studies,2020,Vol 35,No. 01

Evaluation and practice of fine petroleum exploration in the Jiyang depression

SONG Mingshui;LI Youqiang

China Petroleum Exploration,2020,Vol 25,No. 01

Road Traffic Safety Risk Estimation Based on Driving Behavior and Information Entropy

CAI Xiao-yu;LEI Cai-lin;PENG Bo;TANG Xiao-yong;GAO Zhi-gang

China Journal of Highway and Transport,2020,Vol 33,No. 06