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Political transformation in the Middle East: reflection and reconstruction

TIAN Wenlin

West Asia and Africa,2018,No. 01

The impact of industrial poverty alleviation strategies on the livelihoods and household incomes of the rural poor: an empirical analysis from Shaanxi Province

HU Han ;SI Yafei;WANG Lijian

Chinese Rural Economy,2018,No. 01

Drying Trend in Northern China and Its Shift during 1951–2016

MA Zhuguo;FU Congbin;YANG Qing;ZHENG Ziyan;LV Meixia;LI Mingxing;DUAN Yawen;CHEN Liang

Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences,2018,Vol 42,No. 04

Effects of Radiative Forcing on Precipitation over Arid and Semi-arid Region in China Based on CCSM 4.0 Simulation

ZHAO Tianbao;CONG Jing

Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences,2018,Vol 42,No. 02

Forty years of China’s poverty alleviation: ideals, practices, and implications to the world

CAI Fang

World Economics and Politics,2018,No. 10