User Registration Agreement
1.Acceptance of Terms

The e-service system is owned and operated by Tongfang Knowledge Network (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. The services provided will be implemented strictly in accordance with the issued articles, terms of service and operation rules. In consent to all the terms of service, one becomes a user of this system after finishing the registration.

2. Introduction of Services

To become a user of this system,one is required to:

(1)Prepare all the equipments in access to the Internet, including one computer, modem or other necessary instruments; and

(2)pay phone or the Internet bills relating to the use of services provided by this system.

In order to improve information accuracy of this system, the user should:

(1)provide detailed, accurate corporate or personal information; and

(2)update one’s registration information in a timely, detailed and accurate manner.

This system will not disclose the user’s e-mail address and pseudonym, unless in any of the following circumstances:

(1)the user authorizes to disclose;

(2)relevant laws or procedures require personal information of the user.

If the information provided by the user is incorrect, this system has the right to terminate the user’s use of the services.

3.Revision of the Terms of Service

This system reserves the right to revise the terms of service when necessary. Notice of any changes in the terms will be posted on important webpages. If the user does not accept the revision, the user may cancel the service. Providing the user’s continuing the service, it is regarded that the user accepts the revision. This system reserves the right to change or terminate the service at any time, without liability for the user or any third party.

4.Privacy Policy

Respect for the user’s privacy is a basic policy for this system. As a supplement to the preceding articles regarding registration information, this system will not disclose, tamper with or leak the registration information or non-public content in the system without the permission of the user, unless otherwise provided by law; or this system, in good faith, regards it necessary to disclose the information for any of the following purposes:

(1) to comply with relevant laws and regulations as well as the legitimate procedures of this system;

(2) to maintain and protect the trademark of this system;

(3) to protect the privacy of personal users and the public in emergency;

(4) other reasonable requirements.

5.Username, Password and Security

One becomes a legitimate user of this system and gets a username and a password after completing the registration process.

The user take full responsibility for his/her username and password. Each user should be responsible for any activities that occur via his/her account. Password can be changed at any time in accordance with the instruction.

The user should immediately notify this system in case of detecting any unauthorized use of his/her account or security defect existed.

6.No Warranty

The user is responsible for any risk occurred when surfing the Internet. This system makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the satisfaction of the user’s requirements, the continuity, timeliness, safety or accuracy of the service, and the information, shopping service or transaction process enjoyed by the user.

7.Limited Liability

In no event will this system be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damages, which may result from improper use of the service, transactions based on the Internet information, illegal use of the service or release of false information. In view of the possible damage to the image of this system caused by these activities, this system reminds the user of the probability of damage in advance.

8. Storage of and Constraints on the User’s Information

This system is not responsible for the deletion of or the failure to store the user’s information. This system reserves the right to judge whether the user’s behaviors are in accordance with the requirements and principles of the terms of service for this system. If the user violates the terms of service, this system has the right to terminate the service for the user.

9.User Management

The user is solely responsible for his/her published content. Any use of the information provided by this system must be in accordance with applicable laws of the People’s Republic of China, local laws, and international laws. The following principles should be adhered to:

(1)International transfers of technical data from China must be in conformity with the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China;

(2)Internet service should not be used for any illegal purpose;

(3)Internet service should not be interfered or disrupted;

(4)All agreements, regulations, procedures and customs relevant to the Internet service should be abided by.

The user must agree not to transfer: (1) any illegal, intrusive, defamatory, virulent, threatening, harmful, vulgar or obscene information; (2) any information that might abet somebody in a crime; (3) any information that encourages negative domestic situation or pertains to national security; and (4) any information that violates local and domestic laws and regulations as well as relevant international laws. Unauthorized access to other computers is forbidden. If the user’s behavior does not comply with the above requirements, this system will make an independent judgment and immediately terminate the user’s account. The user should be responsible for his/her behavior on the Internet. If the user spreads reactionary or obscene information or other information in violation of domestic laws in this system, the records of this system may serve as evidence against the user.


The user agrees to protect and maintain the interests of all members in this system and to be responsible for attorney fees arising out of the user’s use of service beyond the designated coverage, the damages resulting from the user’s violation of the terms of service and so on.

11. Termination of Service

The user or this system can terminate one or multiple services at any time based on the actual situation. This system has the right to terminate the service at any time without being held liable to any individual or third party. If the user disagrees with the revision of the terms or is dissatisfied with the service of this system, the user could:

(1) stop using the service of this system;

(2) notify this system to stop the service for the user.

After the termination of the service for the user, the user’s right for the service is terminated immediately. From that moment onwards, the user has no right and this system has no obligation to deliver any unprocessed information or unfinished service to the user or a third party.


The notices sent to the user, including the revision of the terms of service, the change of service or of other important events, can be notified by posting on important webpages, or sending e-mails or regular mails.


The user can release any information on sale and purchase of products, and cooperation in this system. In no event will this system be responsible for the authenticity of this information.

14. Ownership of the Content of Service

The content of the service provided by this system includes all the texts, software, audio, pictures, videos, diagrams and advertisements, all the e-mails, and other information provided for the user by this system. All the content is protected by the laws of copyrights, trademarks, labels and other property rights. The user should obtain the consent of this system and the advertisers prior to using the content, and should not copy or reproduce such content or create derivative products related to this content. Authors and this system co-own the copyrights of papers in this system. Prior to reprinting of the papers in this system, permission from the authors or this system must be obtained.

15.The terms of service should be in accordance with the interpretations of applicable laws of the People’s Republic of China. The user and this system unanimously agree to accept the jurisdiction of the The People’s Court of Beijing Haidian Division. The terms of service in conflict with the provisions of laws of the People’s Republic of China should be re-interpreted pursuant to the applicable laws, and the other terms remains valid.