How did China realize economic take-off and political stability?

Apr. 5,2016
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After more than three decades of reform and opening-up, Chinese economic and social development has attained great achievement that attracts the attention of the world. How can China, the dramatically changing large-scale society, realize the economic take-off and at the same time, keep the basic stability of political system? The Western modernization and political development theories seem not applicable to the reality of China.

This study attempts to explain the Chinese experience from the theoretical perspective of social transformation and national governance, and on the basis of the existing characteristics of the political system, to argue the possible fields and contents of the political system reform. Being published on Cass Journal of Political Science Issue 1, in 2015, this study is conducted by XU Xianglin, who is from School of Government of Peking University and Co-Innovation Center for State Governance in China.

Through gradual and continuous political system reform to improve the national governance ability is still the important strategy of China to face the great challenge of socio-economic transformation. On the basis of the stability of national governance system, the adaptability of democratic reform and responsible government system reform is the main content of Chinese deepening political system reform. The possible policy choices of adaptive democracy reform includes the following aspects, improving the regular elections of local Party committees and government leaders, promoting the system construction for political participation in the society and activating the consultative democratic mechanism of the local government in decision-making process. And there are three parts in promoting the responsible government system reform, namely to expand and implement the supervision of the National People’s Congress, carry out the reform of civil servant system with division of political and administrative officials and establish and perfect the government and officials accountability system.

Corresponding Author: XU Xianglin
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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