Are You Eating a Healthy Diet? —— Scientific Data to Tell you China's Food Security Status

Apr. 1,2016
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Food security is among the hot issues concerned by the globe. In China particularly, it is of primary importance when it comes to the national economy and people’s livelihood; and the safeguarding of national food security is also closely connected with the overall situation of economic development, national self-reliance and social stability. All the time, the Chinese government and leaders attach great importance to agricultural production and food security. In the recent two years, Chinese President Xi Jinping accentuated repeatedly the magnitude of food security and pointed out that “We should mainly fill our bowls with food produced by ourselves,” “We should rely on ourselves to tackle the problem of food security,” “to base on the domestic market persistently,”[1] all these views making clear the radical attitude and strategic orientation of the Chinese government on the issue of food security.

Food security is such an important issue but how is the status quo and future of food security in China? Let us try to understand the status quo, tendency and problems of China’s food security based on the evaluation index system for food security, set and constructed in accordance with internationally acknowledged concept of food security and China’s national conditions and developmental phase,

Financially supported by Innovation Project of Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science and co-authored by ZHANG Yuanhong, LIU Changquan and GUO Lulai from Rural Development Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science, this article is published on China Rural Survey the 1st issue in 2015.

According to the result of index calculation, China’s food security state in the past decade has been obviously ameliorated and is at a relatively high level. Food security of China enjoys a variety of advantages, such as high production level, sufficient supply, abundant food reserve, strong self-protection ability and active support of government, but it also has disadvantages including low-level distribution and transport facilities, unbalanced food structure, low nutritional quality, great environment pressure and inadequate sustainability.

The analysis of indicator system reveals the basic situation, development trend, existing problems, merits and demerits of China’s food security. In future, proper adjustments should be made to the policies related to food security, ranging from guaranteeing the food production capacity and stabilizing the food output, adjusting food production structure and enhancing food quality and nutrition level, transforming agricultural production mode and sticking to sustainability, focusing on requirements management and reducing irrational consumption and loss, reducing reserve rate properly and abating financial pressure and resources waste, applying global resources properly and alleviating the domestic production stress.

Corresponding Author: ZHANG Yuanhong
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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