One “Silk Road” by two trekking ways

Mar. 10,2014
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The “Silk Road” from Chang’an city (capital in ancient China), to Europe and Africa, witnessed the prosperity and opening-up in Chinese history, and also became a bridge between China and other countries, where the central Asia was the geographical hub of Eurasia. Now China, countries in central Asia, and Russia are facing with the task of developing economy. Therefore, the deeper they cooperate, the clearer the “Silk Road” appears.

In September 2013, Kazakhstan, Chinese President Xi Jinping again advocated the construction of “Silk Road economic belt”, as a benefit to people along the Road. In the historical moment, how to consolidate the bilateral relations is to be considered not only by China, also by the central Asian countries.

Recently, Liu Zhizhong, associate professor at School of Economics, Liaoning University, analyzed the significance and challenge of the central Asia free trade area, whose review paper was published in Issue 1, 2014 in Northeast Asia Forum, entitled as “Research on the construction of China and central Asia free trade area under the background of “new silk road.”

The author holds that China has obvious advantages in manufacturing, road and bridge construction, and other infrastructure construction techniques, while the central Asian countries are rich in natural resources, so the foundation for collaboration is solid. Nonetheless, the existing oil and gas pipelines, roads and railways cannot meet the needs of economic development there. In this situation, the concept of “Silk Road economic belt” is proposed to greatly promote economic and trade cooperation between China and the central Asian countries.

The author also points out that China should adopt the principle of fostering amicable, secure, prosperous neighborhood to its neighbor

countries as a way to promote economic cooperation, and also should enhance policy communication and coordination to enhance understanding and mutual trust. Besides, China and the central Asian countries should innovatively cooperate in jointly building the “Silk Road economic belt.” Gradually, starting out from spot to area, the regional cooperation will be established in the central Asia free trade area in China.

Corresponding Author: LIU Zhizhong
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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