Understanding of space and analysis of the functional optimization of China’s territorial space based on geography

May. 12,2020
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Promoting ecological progress takes territory as its carrier. Analyses of territorial space’s pattern and comprehensive function and optimization have become a hot-spot, and the oriented zoning of territorial space is proposed to be one of China’s basic strategies. In this paper, first, it summarizes and classifies the concept of territorial space on the basis of previous studies; second, on the basis of the first step, it expounds the relation of territorial space’ source, pattern and function. This paper proposes the initial pattern’s effect and non-rational result in the rational choice among different interest subjects, territorial space plan’s defective and security measures. Some wishes are the fundamental cause for the dysfunction of China’s territorial space. Therefore, based on the paths and methods in studying the pattern and process which form geography, this paper advices what have to do in order to develop and utilize China’s territorial space. First, we should understand the situation of territorial space correctly. Second, we should use tight coupling to optimize the goal between macro and micro scale. Third, we use better applying systems approach and analysis method through questioning. Fourth, management optimization, legal assurance and balance (or games) should be valued.

Corresponding Author: MENG Bao
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming
Email: zm6946@cnki.net

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