Mobility transition of Chinese population

Feb. 4,2020
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From the historical process of demographic transition, the factors dominating demographic transition have experienced changes from decline in mortality to decline in fertility to population migration and mobility. When both mortality and fertility have fallen to very low levels, population migration has naturally become a focus in demography and a key factor affecting the demographic situation (Gu, 2010). However, most of the classical demographic transition theories centered on the transition of fertility and mortality, and paid less attention to the transition caused by population migration and mobility. In fact, demographic changes include not only natural changes in birth and death, but also changes in migration flows. In a certain sense, the classical theory of demographic transition only involves natural changes in birth and death, and it is not yet a complete theory of demographic transition.

Corresponding Author: DUAN Chengrong
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na

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