From self-surveillance to other-surveillance: data tracking and body practice of running APP users

Feb. 4,2020
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Using the research methods of observing running communities online and interviewing running App users offline, this paper tries to explore how the use of running App and relevant devices are embedded into people’s body practice, and how the produced data influence people’s life. Inspired by Foucault’s thought on power, this paper regards tracking device like running App as a disciplinary technology. Through bringing the runners into digitalized self-surveillance, this technology could induce the runners to shape their body and behavior according to external power structure. This power technology could advocate the spirit of self-responsibility. It is in accordance with the requirement of consumption society, but it can also induce the users to fall into the digitalized panoramic surveillance, hence leading the disciplinary technology to expand from the inside out.

Corresponding Author: TU Jiong
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na

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