Farmers’ endowment constraints, technical attributes and agricultural technology selection preferences: an analytical framework of farmers’ technology adoption under an incomplete factor market

Nov. 7,2019
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This paper explored farmers’ varying decision-making mechanisms for their technology preferences, their technology selection behavior logic and institutional obstacles. The study built a technology selection theory model by combining farmers’ endowment constraints and technology’s intrinsic attributes in an incomplete factor market with farmers’ differentiation. It used household survey data from different provinces and conducted an empirical analysis. The results show that large-scale farmers, high part-time farmers and low part-time farmers have obvious different bias in selection of technology with different attributes. One important reason for differences in farmers’ technology selection preferences is that asymmetry exists in different types of farmers’ endowment constraints and characteristics of different agricultural technology. In the incomplete factor market, it would be difficult to relieve farmers’ initial endowment constraints, which increases the difficulty in agricultural technology extension.

Corresponding Author: ZHENG Xuyuan
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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