Investigation and reflection on Buddhism and medicine and pharmacology

Oct. 29,2019
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This paper explored the relationship between Buddhism and medicine and pharmacology, highlighted the great deeds of eminent monks in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and their contributions to medicine during the dissemination of Buddhism in China, and drew several conclusions.Among the five major religions in the world, Buddhism is the oldest one. It originated from ancient India and was founded in the fifth to sixth century BC. With over 2600 years of history, it has been spread mainly across Asia and some countries in other continents. Buddhism is both a religion and a cultural carrier of a wide range of domains and rich content. Apart from its own unique beliefs and lineage system, Buddhism holds such cultural varieties of a society as philosophy, literature, history, architecture, arts, phonology, medicine and others.

Corresponding Author: YANG Zengwen
CNKI Press Officer: LI Jingjing YANG Na

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