Out of astray for Dou-quantification: right instead of left

Jul. 17,2019
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The distinction between leftward and rightward universal quantification of Dou (都) leads the research on Dou-quantification to astray, which produces redundancy for the rules and contradiction for the theories. This essay argues that the integrated “rightward governing rule” shall be applied and that the semantic governing domain should be in conformity with the quantification domain. This could shed light upon related research and help facilitate the understanding of various Dou-structures. This essay also analyzes the reasons for being led astray, namely, negative influences from mainstream dogmas, such as complete opposition of grammar/pragmatics, noun/verb, and subject/topic.

Corresponding Author: SHEN Jiaxuan
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming
Email: zm6946@cnki.net

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