On integration of serial actions by metonymy based on terminal profiling

Jul. 17,2019
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Chinese syntax can encode the English phrase "sit over here" in a "Verb + Directional Complement" construction as "zud-guolai(坐过来): sit-cross-come." However, the space transporting event "guolai: cross-come" occurs earlier than the posture-assuming event "zud: sit" according to objective observations. Therefore, the expressing of "sit over here" as "zuo-guolai" obviously violates the Principle of Temporal Order/Scope(PTO/S). To interpret this phenomenon from cognitive linguistic point of view, this paper proposes that the construction represents a construal which integrates serial actions by metonymy (ISAM) based on terminal profiling. ISAM is a method for representing the whole serial actions by profiling the terminal one which contains a space-transporting event. The coding manner used in "zudguolai" therefore does not conflict with PTO/S if it is analyzed from the ISAM point of view.

Corresponding Author: SUGIMURA Hirofumi
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming
Email: zm6946@cnki.net

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