A study on the topic maker auxiliary “硬” in the dialect of Miluo of Hunan Province of China and its grammaticalization sources

Jul. 17,2019
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The function and character of “硬” The Chinese character "硬 [?io? 21]yang departing "(translated as “啊”in mandarin) is used as topic maker auxiliary in dialect of Miluo (Changle) in Hunan Province of China. The examples are as follows: (1) a. 老人家硬好客气! (老人家啊好客气!) b. 老人家好客气! Translation: What a man of hospitality! (2) a. 修条路硬要几万. (修条路啊要几万.) b. 修条路要几万.Translation: It is tens of thousands Yuan that will be used in mending the road!It distinguish between theme and rheme (“老人家”( the old); “修条路”(build a road)) to emphasize important information of rheme (“好客气”(hospitality); “要几万”(tens of thousands Yuan)). Thus, this word will appear in declarative sentences in stressing tones and exclamatory sentences.

Corresponding Author: CHEN Shanqing
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming
Email: zm6946@cnki.net

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