A brief report on the 2014 excavation of palace city wall in Shangjing City Site of the Liao Dynasty in Bairin Left Banner, Inner Mongolia

Jul. 10,2019
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Dasikong Village is an important part of Yinxu, and across the river from it lies the area of palaces and ancestral temples of Yinxu Xiaotun. In south and southeast Dasikong Village (mainly in North Henan cotton mill), there excavated the Yin Dynasty bronze workshops,[1]?bone workshops,[2]?a large group of rammed earth construction sites and thousands of tombs of the Shang Dynasty,[3]?indicating that the south and southeast Dasikong Village were the areas where people acted frequently in the Shang Dynasty. To cooperate with the Beimeng Office, Yindu District, Anyang City to conduct the new rural reconstruction of Dasikong Village, the Anyang Workgroup from the Institute of Archaeology in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences took the rescuing excavation to the transforming area. This excavated area is located in the east Dasikong Village, which is at the edge of northeastern Yinxu. It has a 200-meter northward distance from the south ditch of Huanbei Shang City Site, and it is located at the joint area of traditional Yinxu and Huanbei Shang City Site (Fig. 1).

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