How to get rid of visual interference

May. 1,2015
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How do you track the position of both players while watching a football game? How to observe the movements of vehicles and passers-by while driving a car?

Tian Bai et al from School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University found that if you want to remove all the distractions to catch the target continually and effectively, it’s very important to give their own label to classify them. When the identity of target and distractions belong to different categories--for instant, when taking number and letter as the target and the distractions respectively, observer can accurately track and determine the orientation of multi-moving targets at the same time, especially when the task is difficult. In addition, the bigger the differences between the target and the distractions are, the easier the tracking and identification becomes.

The research findings were finished by Tian Bai, Chuang Lv, Liuqing Wei, Yibin Zhou and Xuemin Zhang from School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University and published in the second issue of Acta Psychologica Sinica, 2015.

In everyday life, we are often in face of various kinds of complicated dynamic visual information. Our visual system will improve the differences between the target and the non-target by classifying them. This process can improve the recognition ratio and reduce the error. The conclusion can be applied in the scene of human-machine-environment interaction relevant to complicated visual dynamic task, such as industrial design, human-machine interaction and artificial intellegence, etc.

Researchers also considered that people can improve their identification efficiency by consciously improving their detection capability to the feature of target. Person will become more dedicated through practicing.

This paper was supported by the National Science Foundation (31271083) and National Basic Research Program of China (2011CB711000).

Corresponding Author: ZHANG Xuemin
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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