The international trends on tsunami research

Dec. 28,2018
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The prevention and reduction of tsunamis have been the hot issues in the international communities. The World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE) is one of the best platforms for the exchanges of latest research achievements and the sharing of technologies and experiences in the field of earthquake engineering. Since 14WCEE, three consecutive conferences have set up special topics of tsunamis. What’s the international trends on tsunami research?

Investigating the international trends on tsunami research and thinking the issues of tsunami mitigation in China through the advances in WCEE published on Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Dynamics by REN Yefei et al., Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, summarized that the tsunami research mainly focused on the following aspects.

(1) The international research hotspots on tsunami in 14WCEE

Tsunami dynamic water test、Risk assessment of tsunami、Research on tsunami refuge for evacuation、Research on sociological questions involving tsunami.

(2) The international research hotspots on tsunami in 15WCEE

The relevant studies on tsunami loads, The investigations into the damage caused by east Japan seismic tsunami in 2011 involve such aspects as steel concrete structure buildings, Research on tsunami refuge for evacuation, Risk assessment of tsunami, Risk assessment of tsunami, Other advanced studies.

(3)The international research hotspots on tsunami in 16WCEE

Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis, The tsunami loading on building structures and the compilation of code, The tsunami evacuation simulation and the compilation of guidelines, The potential risk assessment and the early warning of tsunami, Other advanced studies.

Based on the current research status of tsunami disasters in China and the international research progress of tsunamis, the author suggests that the following works should be given priority. Firstly, the establishment of the unified historical tsunami catalogue of China. Secondly, carry out seismic tsunami hazard analysis of major projects and cities on the Chinese coast. Thirdly, the improvement of the tsunami monitoring and predicting warning service system. Fourthly, the enhancement of advertisement and education of tsunami prevention and mitigation. Fifthly, the promotion of the enactment of the tsunami prevention and reduction rules. Sixthly, the development of the tsunami hazard assessment of major coastal projects such as nuclear power site.

Corresponding Author: REN Yefei
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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