Citrus: Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials

Mar. 5,2014
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Cirtrus(C. changshan-huyou Y. B chang) is a hybrid variety of grapefruit C. grandis (Linn.) osbeek and Orange C. sinensis (Linn.) osbeek, produced mainly in Changshan, Qu Zhou and other places in Zhejiang Province, China. The Citrus peel comes from the dried ripe fruit peel, and it is spicy, sweet, warm, bitter and non-toxic. Its functions are documented in the “Tang MateriaMedica”, “Herbal Medicine for Primary” and “Compendium of MateriaMedica” and other literature, including expectoration, digestion, expelling flatulence, diaphragm relaxation. It can mainly treat qi depression and chest tightness, indigestion, abdominal crymodynia, hernia, cough, and so on. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that it has developmental value in terms of blood lipid regulation, anti-cardiovascular disease, anti-tumor and other aspects, and its main active ingredients are flavonoid compounds.

Recent research by experts from the First Clinical Medical College of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicines found that Pure Total Flavonoids from Citrus can effectively prevent non-alcohol steatohepatitis, significantly inhibit the production of free radicals, enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity, effectively remove free radicals, alleviate oxidative stress, reduce lipid peroxidation, repair or protect liver cells, and prevent and treat the progression of non-alcohol steatohepatitis.

A systematically summarized article about the study was published in the 1st issue of 2014 of China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica.Leading researchers included Zhi-yun Chen, Jian-ping Jiang, Mao-xiang Yan and Bei-hui He.

Corresponding Author: CHEN Zhiyun
CNKI Press Officer: ZHONG Ming

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