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A study of the world reproduction system: theoretical model and empirical evidence

QIAO Xiaonan;ZHANG Yueying;WU Yuting

The Journal of World Economy,Vol 42,No. 05

Legal interests of personal credit information and criminal law protection: from the perspective of Internet credit reporting


Oriental Law,No. 01

Interpretation of B464:67, an Old Uighur poem of Dunhuang literature

ZIEME Peter ;WANG Pingxian

Dunhuang Research,No. 01

Offensive and defensive religious conflicts: an analysis based on geopolitics


Studies in World Religions,No. 06

China’s bulk commodity exports, product spatial correlation and the increasing of comparative advantages of the export products of the countries along the Belt and Road

SUN Churen;YI Zhengrong

Journal of International Trade,No. 12