Primary Research for Multi-module Cooperative Autonomous Mode of Energy Internet Under Block chain Framework

ZENG Ming1 CHENG Jun1 WANG Yuqing1 LI Yuanfei1 YANG Yongqi1 DOU Jinyue1

(1.State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electrical Power System With Renewable Energy Sources (North China Electric Power University) , Changping District, Beijing, China 102206)

【Abstract】The energy internet is the key platform for the realization of China’s energy revolution, block chain is expected to become the key supporting technology to promote the development of energy internet. A mechanism framework was proposed in this paper that block chain technology was used to realize distributed decision making and cooperative autonomous operation of energy internet system; the compatibility of block chain and energy internet was analyzed; the basic framework of energy internet which was supported by the energy block chain was proposed; the multi-module cooperative autonomous mode and control flow of the energy internet were designed and the operation optimization model of each module was built; finally, the key technologies of the development of the energy internet under block chain framework were put forward from the perspective of the block chain and the energy internet.

【Keywords】 energy internet; block chain; distributed decision making; cooperative autonomy;

【Funds】 Science and Technology Project of State Grid Corporation of China (SGNX0000DKJS1600128) Project Supported by the Science and Technology Project of SGCC (SGNX0000DKJS1600128)

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(Translated by YANG YX)


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CN: 11-2107/TM

Vol 37, No. 13, Pages 3672-3681

July 2017


Article Outline


  • 0 Introduction
  • 1 Compatibility between block chain and energy internet
  • 2 Fundamental energy internet framework supported by block chain
  • 3 Multi-module cooperative autonomous mode and control process of energy internet
  • 4 Key technologies for energy internet development under block chain framework
  • 5 Conclusion and prospects
  • References