Theoretical forms and enlightenment of Marxist aesthetics in Eastern Europe

FU Qilin1

(1.College of Literature and Journalism, Sichuan University)

【Abstract】In the light of different traditions of national culture and realities of capitalism and socialism, Eastern European countries constructed various theoretical forms including practical aesthetics, realism, aesthetic modernity criticism and semiotics aesthetics, but at the same time there appeared problems of the institutionalization, theory corruption and legitimacy crisis of Marxist aesthetics. To summarize and reflect on the achievements and failures of these theoretical forms has significant enlightenment and warning for the exploration of contemporary Chinese Marxist literary and artistic theory and aesthetics.

【Keywords】 Marxism in Eastern Europe; practical aesthetics; realism; modernity; semiotics;

【Funds】 Major Project of the National Social Science Fund of China (15ZDB022)

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CN: 11-1037/I

Vol , No. 01, Pages 30-36

January 2018


Article Outline


  • 1 Practical aesthetics
  • 2 Realism theory
  • 3 Criticism of aesthetic modernity
  • 4 Semiotics aesthetics
  • 5 Contemporary enlightenment of Marxist aesthetics in Eastern Europe
  • Footnote