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夏大平1,2,3 陈曦1 王闯1 苏现波1,2,3

(1.河南理工大学能源科学与工程学院, 河南焦作 454000)
(2.中原经济区煤层 (页岩) 气河南省协同创新中心, 河南焦作 454000)
(3.河南理工大学深井瓦斯抽采与围岩控制技术国家地方联合工程实验室, 河南焦作 454000)

【摘要】为探讨酸、碱处理煤的发酵联产生物气生成特征, 对新疆伊宁矿区褐煤进行酸、碱预处理, 以焦作古汉山矿井水为菌源进行发酵联产H2-CH4实验。对联产后的产气量、气体组分、HPE活性、COD质量浓度进行测定分析, 对产气后煤样进行XRD和红外测试。结果发现:①碱处理煤的产氢效果最佳, 产气总量为20.25 m L/g, 酸处理煤次之为17.05 m L/g, 而原煤的产氢效果最差为14.4 m L/g;②HPE活性测定规律基本与之对应, 碱处理煤产氢后菌体的氢化酶活性最优为4.35 m L/ (mg·min) ;③酸处理煤的联产甲烷效果最好, 产气总量为23.35 m L/g, 而原煤和碱处理煤的联产甲烷效果基本一致;④联产中液相COD质量浓度均呈下降状态;⑤经预处理煤样的有机质降解率高, 大分子结构更易被降解。实验结果得出了预处理煤联产生物气的生成特征, 证实了联产H2-CH4有利于煤的资源化利用, 明显提升了能源转化率。

【关键词】 预处理;发酵联产;生物气;生成特征;


【基金资助】 国家自然科学基金资助项目 (41472129, 41502158) ;

Experimental study on the production of H2-CH4 from lignite jointly with acid-alkali pretreatment-microbial gasification

XIA Daping1,2,3 CHEN Xi1 WANG Chuang1 SU Xianbo1,2,3

(1.School of Energy Science and Engineering, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, China 454000)
(2.Henan Collaborative Innovation Center of Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas for Central Plains Economic Region, Jiaozuo, China 454000)
(3.State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Gas Drainage & Ground Control of Deep Mines, Henan Polytechnic University, Jiaozuo, China 454000)

【Abstract】In order to investigate the characteristics of the production of biogas from lignite with acid-alkali pretreatment, the authors carried out the fermentation experiments of hydrogen and methane production by using cultured bacteria from coal seam water in Guhanshan coal mine, as well as acid and alkali pretreatment of lignite in Yining Mine, Xinjiang. The authors measured the gas production, gas components, activity of hydrogenase, COD concentration, and tested XRD and FTIR for coals after gas production. The results show that ① the hydrogen production of coal with alkali pretreatment is the highest with the total gas production of 20.25 mL/g, that of coal with acid pretreatment is 17.05 mL/g, and the lowest hydrogen production is found in raw coal as 14.4 mL/g; ② the determination of HPE is basically corresponding to it, and the hydrogenase activity of hydrogen production from coal with alkali pretreatment is 4.35 mL/(mg·min); ③ the methane production of coal from acid pretreatment is the best, and the total gas production is 23.35 mL/g, while the effects of raw coal and the coal with alkali pretreatment are similar; ④ the concentration of COD in the combined production shows a decrease; ⑤ the organic matter degradation rate of the pretreated coal sample is higher, and the macromolecular structure is more easily degraded. The results show the fermentative biogas characteristics of pretreated coal, and it proves that the combined production of H2-CH4 is beneficial to the utilization of coal, which obviously improves the energy conversion rate.

【Keywords】 pretreatment; fermentation combined production; biogas; formation features;


【Funds】 National Natural Science Foundation of China (41472129, 41502158);

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