Infrastructure connectivity is a large-scale capital mobilization: discussion on the leading role of multilateral development financial mechanism

YUAN Dong1,2

(1.Central University of Finance and Economics)
(2.Main participant of the construction of AIIB, Former chief treasury expert and Senior Researcher at AIIB)

【Abstract】Infrastructure connectivity is the focus of the Belt and Road Initiative and also the key to the sustainable development of Asia and the whole world. It requires large-scale capital mobilization, in which China has accumulated rich experience that it can share with other countries. China’s main experience shows that it is important to coordinate the roles of government and market, build a guiding mechanism for development finance, and promote the ability of relevant government agencies and market entities in financing from the capital market in the medium and long term. The establishment of AIIB is an attempt to share China’s experience. The AIIB should actively work with other multilateral development banks and unilateral development banking institutions to mobilize capital and push forward development of Asia’s bond market To that end, it is necessary for top executives of the AIIB to have macro forward-looking knowledge, professional capacity, overall planning and innovative ability to tap market possibilities.

【Keywords】 infrastructure connectivity; capital mobilization; development financial institutions; AIIB;


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CN: 11-3799/F

Vol , No. 03, Pages 151-155+8

May 2018


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