Crime and social governance in Mexico


(1.Latin America and the Caribbean Research Center of Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang 621010)

【Abstract】Currently Mexico is one of the most crime-ridden countries in Latin America. Besides increasing criminal activities such as robbery and theft, it is facing rampant drug-related crimes, constituting a threat to national and local governance systems. Violence and crime are viewed as most concerned issues both by policy-makers and the masses. The state has launched numerous anti-crime programs, but failed to improve the situation. Deteriorating public security is closely related to social and economic problems such as large unemployment population, widespread poverty, wide income gap, and high school dropout of the youth. It can be concluded that Mexico needs a comprehensive reform to improve social governance to effectively combat crime.

【Keywords】 Mexico; social safety; organized crime; comprehensive reform; American factor;


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(Translated by ZHONG Yehong)


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