A review of the core cultural issues in the construction of China as a strong country of sports culture

LIU Rensheng1 PANG Lichun1 WANG Dongyue1

(1.School of Physical Education, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, Liaoning, China 116029)

【Abstract】Sports culture is the basis of the formation and development of a country’s sports ideology, and is the key to the construction of the core value system of sports; it determines the overall characteristics and development direction of the nation and country’s sports. By using methods of word frequency analysis, literature review, and expert interviews, this study comprehensively reviews the cultural core issues in the construction of a strong country of sports culture, and deeply analyzes the core issues such as sports culture inheritance and innovation, national traditional sports, globalization, and sports culture industry. Conclusions of the study are as follows: the core cultural issues in the construction of China as a strong country of sports culture reflect the diverse research patterns presented in sports culture research; the research on four core issues not only needs to find the basis at the theoretical level, but also needs to find the reality source at the practical level; in the construction of a strong country of sports culture, China should pay attention to the fulcrum function of cultural inheritance and innovation, dig the development opportunities of national sports culture and traditional sinology and the development of the times, attach importance to cultural choice, integration, correction and boycott under globalization, and vigorously promote the development of cultural industry.

【Keywords】 a strong country of sports culture; inheritance and innovation; national traditional sports; globalization; sports culture industry;


【Funds】 the National Social Science Fund of China (16BTY001)

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CN: 11-3785/G8

Vol 40, No. 12, Pages 1-6

December 2017


Article Outline


  • 1 Research methods
  • 2 Sports culture inheritance and innovation
  • 3 National traditional sports culture
  • 4 Globalization
  • 5 Sports culture industry
  • 6 Conclusion
  • References