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Advances in applications of biomedical photonics in diabetic retinopathy

ZHU Shan-shan;LU Jiao;LIU He-nan;CHEN Shuo;ZENG Zhu;QIAN Wei;CHEN Xiao-long

Chinese Optics,2018,Vol 11,No. 03

【Abstract】 Diabetic retinopathy (DR), as the most common complication of diabetes, has become one of the leading causes of vision loss or blindness. More than 50% of the patients with visual impairment or blindness as a result of DR can be prevented by early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Therefore, it is of great clinical significance to study the diagnosis and treatment of DR. Based on the structural and optical properties of eyes, biomedical photonics techniques have been widely used in diagnosis and treatment of DR and show great prospects. In this paper, the principle of biomedical photonics techniques in clinical diagnosis and treatment of DR is reviewed and the characteristics of each technique are analyzed and compared. Finally, the development trend of biomedical photonics technology in clinical DR diagnosis and treatment is prospected.

Raman Spectroscopic Imaging Technology and Its Biomedical Applications

LU Jiao;ZHU Shanshan;CUI Xiaoyu;CHEN Shuo;YAO Yudong

Chinese Journal of Lasers,2018,Vol 45,No. 03

【Abstract】 Raman spectroscopy is an analytical tool for chemical compositions and structures of molecules. Because it is a non-invasive technique with rich biochemical information, minimal sample preparation and little interference of water, Raman spectroscopy has been widely used in the field of biomedicine. Raman spectroscopic imaging is the combination of Raman spectroscopy and imaging, which collects Raman spectrum at each pixel for the entire region. Thus, both spatial and spectral information can be captured for positioning analysis of material molecules qualitatively and quantificationally. Compared with traditional Raman spectroscopy, Raman imaging can provide additional spatial information about the sample, which is extremely important for biomedical applications. Therefore, Raman spectroscopic imaging technique with both biochemical and spatial information shows significant values in the field of biomedicine, such as biological sample examination, clinical diagnosis, and treatment. The Raman spectroscopy technique and its development are introduced based on the principle of Raman spectroscopy. The application of Raman spectroscopy technique in the field of biomedicine in recent years is summarized. Finally, the summary and prospects of Raman spectroscopic imaging technology are discussed.

Microfluidic Chip Based Nucleic Acid Analyzer and Its Application in Precision Medicine

HUANG Shiguang;JIN Xiangyu;LIN Rongzan;LIN Xue;XUE Ning;FAN Yunqian;ZU Guo;MA Li;LUO Xianbo;HUANG Guoliang

Chinese Journal of Lasers,2018,Vol 45,No. 03

【Abstract】 In view of the current clinical practice, the detection of pathogenic bacteria mainly depends on bacterial culture methods. The methods have the disadvantages of long cycle and low accuracy, and are prone to cross contamination and human infection. We proposed the microfluidic chip based isothermal nucleic acid amplification for molecular diagnostics. An air-insulated microfluidic chip was designed for the automatic centrifugal distribution of samples to test cells. The confocal optical imaging, rotation scanning signal acquisition, thin layer air bath heating proportion-integral-derivative temperature control, etc. were developed. A microfluidic chip based nucleic acid analyzer was also developed. We detected the pathogenic bacteria of respiratory tract using the proposed system, whose sensitivity can reach 10 copies. The sample reagent consumption is reduced to 0.94 μL, and the results can be obtained in 45 min. In a blinded experiment of 100 clinical patient sputum samples, the total coincidence rate of results of our system and the traditional polymerase chain reaction is over 98%. This novel nucleic acid analyzer is suitable for low cost and accurate medical applications in hospital, community care and township health clinic.

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