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Analysis on the latest hotspots and evolution about abroad soccer fitness and conditioning training: visualization research based on scientific knowledge map

SHUI Yizhou;HUANG Zhuhang;GENG Jianhua

China Sport Science,2016,Vol 36,No. 01

【Abstract】 Selecting the literature about soccer fitness and conditioning training from SCIE, SSCI and A&HCI as the research object, the author used the software Cite Space II to make visual analysis for 698 soccer fitness and conditioning training literature and their references published since 1985, in order to find out the hotspot and evolution about it. The results show that the research of soccer fitness and conditioning training on abroad is primarily in developed countries such as USA and Europe, which forms a complex discipline group dominated by the sports science and the evolution of research goes through these stages: exploration, expansion, deepness and integration etc. Research front is mainly concentrated in the overall training load, information collection and evaluation methods, soccer injuries and physical rehabilitation, match performance and fitness demand, training design and training method. Many knowledge clusters and high-impact research become the driving force of the evolution for soccer fitness training theory and practice.

Construction of Chinese football ecosystem

ZHANG Lei;ZHANG Ting’an;XIA Hui;REN Dingmeng

Journal of Beijing Sport University,2016,Vol 39,No. 08

【Abstract】 Time development will promote transformation of human mind. We should pay attention to the entirety, relevance, grade structure, dynamics, balance and time sequence when we study a thing and tend to analyze each link from overall are the mind change brought by system science. It provides a methodology for human to realize the essence of things and a scientific foundation for us to know football sport. Review of China’s football history, glory mixed with failure, professionalism reform is struggling. A large number of research created “physical fitness“ football athletic team and “skills“ of Asian head team after some reflection. The research is deviated from football development law and just based on “that time“ ideology background and cognitive ability. These viewpoints reflect that China football has many problems and has not used system theory to think the problems that caused to think in slices. Started with system theory, this paper analyzes internal and external factors of China football, and constructs an ecosystem preliminary by the methods of questionnaire, expert interview, and mathematical statistics. The ecosystem included 4 first grade indicators which are material resource (β = 0.61), human resource (β = 0.46), environmental resource (β = 0.44), and administrative management (β = 0.13). There are 13 secondary indicators and 36 tertiary indicators in the system. The ecosystem can provide a new think way to develop China football, and provide theoretical reference for construct an advance with the times, dynamical balance, and ecological harmony China football.

A historical investigation and experience enlightenment on the development of “campus football” in China

CUI Lequan

Journal of Shanghai University of Sport,2018,Vol 42,No. 04

【Abstract】 Using the method of literature review, the study sorted out the history development of “campus football” after the activity was introduced into China. And it discussed briefly the related problems of the construction of “campus football” culture. It states that the school became the major platform for its spread after modern football was introduced into China, and thus provided conditions for the development of “campus football” in early stage. Up to the contemporary era, the “campus football” has gone through the different periods including the establishment, tortuous development, exploring new ways, and reform and development. I also highlights the time characteristics in terms of guiding ideology, organization system, training system, competition system and guarantee system. The most prominent connotation of contemporary “campus football” culture is to promote the physical and mental health of teenagers, and to build the foundation of football talents at the same time, which will thereby lay a foundation for the improvement of football level and the realization of the dream of Chinese football.

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