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Chinese Nation

Development of national traditional sports in the process of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

WANG Guanghu;RAN Xuedong

Journal of Beijing Sport University,Vol 41,No. 12

【Abstract】 In the new era, the development of national traditional sports should make responding adjustments in accordance with “the new historic juncture,” and it should be oriented by Chinese nation, directed by national identity, and centered by national rejuvenation. During the process of great national rejuvenation, the development of national traditional sports should fully maintain the national characteristics of Chinese nation, refine national symbols, cultivate national emotions, highlight national spirit and build national image; and it should give full play to the function of sports in enhancing national unity, and promote exchanges, communications and integration among multi-ethnic groups in China.

Academic and political: the discussion on “the Chinese nation is one” and study of the ethnic groups in the southwest borderland

WANG Chuan

China's Borderland History and Geography Studies,Vol 28,No. 02

【Abstract】 Gu Jiegang (顾颉刚)’ s advocating of “the Chinese nation is one,” which caused an academic discussion, is closely related to Thailand’ s renaming of its title from Siam to Thailand. In reaction to the background, Fu Sinian (傅斯年) and Gu Jiegang believed that “the Chinese nation is one,” and it should not distinguish any nation (Minzu 民族) and use the word Minzu within the nation, and use the name Minzu to make studies, lest causing a national separation crisis. Fei Xiaotong (费孝通) and other south scholars, from the perspective of ethnology, insist that “the Chinese nation” should include the many Minzu in the southwest, ethnic studies will not weaken the identification of all ethnic groups for the “Chinese nation,” and academy and politics can be organically integrated.

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