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Chemical Constituents

Chemical Constituents

Chemical constituents in chloroform fraction of Houttuynia cordata

YANG Xiao-lu;YANG Yu-ping;GE Yue-wei;MENG Jiang

China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica,Vol 44,No. 02

【Abstract】 Nine compounds were isolated from chloroform fraction of Houttuynia cordata, and the isolates were identified as ( S)-5, 6, 6a, 7-tetrahydro-2, 10-dimethoxy-4 H-dibenzo[DE, G]quinoline-1, 9-diol ( 1), (+)-isoboldine β- N-oxide ( 2), liriotulipiferine ( 3), telitoxinone ( 4), isoboldine ( 5), (-)-clovane-2β, 9α-diol ( 6), benzoic acid ( 7), acantrifoside E ( 8), and dibutyl phthalate ( 9). Among them, compound 1 was new, and compounds 2–9 were reported from this species for the first time.

Chemical constituents from Hypericum monogynum

XU Xiao-shi;TENG Hai-da;FU Yuan-ze;LI Qing-qing;LI Jun;YANG Guang-zhong

Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs,Vol 50,No. 04

【Abstract】 Objective To study the chemical constituents of Hypericum monogynum. Methods The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by solvent extraction method, the normal and reverse phase silica gel column chromatography and semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatography. Results Six compounds were isolated from the chloroform extract of H.monogynum. Their structures were identified as hypermongone A ( 1), β-sitosterol ( 2), 5α,8α-epidioxyergosta-6,22-dien-3β-ol ( 3), isocudraniaxanthone B ( 4), betulinic acid ( 5), and 2-hydroxydiplopterol ( 6) by the physicochemical properties and modern spectroscopic methods. Conclusion Compound 1 is a new compound, and compounds 3, 4, and 6 are isolated from H. monogynum for the first time.

Chemical Constituents from Laportea bulbifera, a Zhuang Medicine

WANG Yu-meng;WEN Hai-cheng;DOU De-qiang

Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal,Vol 54,No. 10

【Abstract】 OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents from Laportea bulbifera. METHODS The 60% ethanol extract from L. bulbifera was isolated and purified by chromatography on silica, Sephadex LH-20, and ODS, recrystallization, and semi-preparative HPLC. Their chemical structures were elucidated by physicochemical properties and spectroscopic methods. RESULTS These compounds were determined as β-sitosterol (1), protocatechuic acid ethyl ester (2), scopoletin (3), trans-cinnamic acid (4), trans- p-hydroxycinnamic acid (5), kaempferol 7- O-rhamnoside (6), luteolin (7), ethyl gallate (8), ( +) -isolarisiresinol 3a- O- β- D-glucopyranoside (9), and kaempferitrin (10). CONCLUSION Compounds 2, 5, and 7–9 are isolated from genus Laportea for the first time, and compounds 2–5, and 7–9 are isolated from this plant for the first time.

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