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Chinese Bulletin of Botany
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  • Chinese Bulletin of Botany reports novel scientific discoveries related to all aspects of plant biology, and also reports the overview of the latest developments in the field of Plant Science. The contents include plant molecular and developmental biology, systems and evolutionary botany, plant ecology and environmental biology, etc. The journal aims to report the latest achievements in the research of plant science and related subjects in China, and strives to be the leading journal in the field of plant science.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Zhong Kang

    Associate Editor
    Wang Tai, Qian Qian, Wang Xiaojing, Zuo Jianru, Gu Hongya, Jiang Liwen, Chen Zhirui, Bai Yongfei, Yang Shuhua, Kong Hongzhi, Chen Fan, Xiao Langtao

Expression Characterization of Rice OsPR10A and Its Function in Response to Drought Stress

ZHANG Tong ;GUO Yalu ;CHEN Yue ;MA Jinjiao ;LAN Jinping ;YAN Gaowei ;LIU Yuqing ;XU Shan ;LI Liyun ;LIU Guozhen ;DOU Shijuan

Chinese Bulletin of Botany,2019,Vol 54,No. 06

Genome-wide Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Zinc Finger Homeodomain Family Genes in Brassica napus

SONG Min;ZHANG Yao;WANG Liying;PENG Xiangyong

Chinese Bulletin of Botany,2019,Vol 54,No. 06

Identifying Genes Responsive to Jasmonates in Apple Based on Transcriptome Analysis

ZHANG Na;LIU Xiuxia;CHEN Xuesen;WU Shujing

Chinese Bulletin of Botany,2019,Vol 54,No. 06