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Social Sciences in China
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervised by Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by Institute of Sociology
ISSN 1002-4921 CN 1002-4921

12 issues per year
Discipline(s): Sociology & Demography

Current Issue: Issue 10, 2017  

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  • Social Science in China covers theoretical and academic studies in a wide range of fields in social sciences. The journal devoted itself to the democracy in scholarship, the theoretical innovations and academic prosperity. It requires deep inquiries, insightful observations and analysis on important theoretical questions and major problems in reality based on China’s particularity and contemporary situation. The journal sticks to combine the theory with the practice, stresses on the research and survey of the nation’s conditions and puts forward some important reports of the research and the survey with high standard in an appropriate way.

  • adviser Chen kuiyuan The Chief of the Editing Committee Wang Weiguang Editorial Committee Deputy Director Gao Xiang

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