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Scientia Agricultura Sinica
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Sponsor(s): Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies

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  • Scientia Agricultura Sinica, the 1st in Comprehensive Agricultural Science, is supervised by Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, and sponsored by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, launched in 1960, is a leading peer-reviewed and mufti-disciplinary journal and published semi-monthly in Chinese with English title, abstract, figures, tables and references. It aims to publish those papers that are influential and will significantly advance scientific understanding in agriculture fields worldwide. The scope covers Crop Genetics, Breeding, Germplasm Resources; Physiology, Biochemistry, Cultivation, Tillage Plant Protection; Soil & Fertilization, Agro-Ecology & Environment, Bio-energy; Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Information Science; Food Science; Agricultural Economics and Management; Agricultural Sustainability. The journal is included in JST, CA and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief Wan Jianmin Associate Editor-in-Chief Zou Ruicang Tang HuaJun Wu Kongming Guo YuYuan Geng Xu Sun Tan Executive Editor Lu Wenru

The Relationship of NO 3 ?-N Leaching and Rainfall Types during Summer Fallow in Loess Plateau Dryland

XIA MengJie;MA LeLe;SHI QianYun;CHEN ZhuJun;ZHOU JianBin

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 08

Effects of Intercropping Reineckia carnea on Soil Enzyme Activity and Kiwifruit Fruit Yield, Quality in Kiwifruit Orchard

ZHANG Cheng;WANG QiuPing;ZHOU KaiTuo;WU XiaoMao;LONG YouHua;LI JiaoHong;YIN XianHui

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 08

Effects of Different Slow-Released Nitrogen Fertilizers on Summer Maize and Nitrogen Fate in the Field


Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 08

SLAF-Marker Development and Its Application in BSA of Cellulose Content in Pericarp of Maize Kernel

DU LongGang;WANG MeiXing

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 08

Validation of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Sensor and Its Application in Maize Leaf Area Index Estimation

CHEN PengFei;LI Gang;SHI YaJiao;XU ZhiTao;YANG FenTuan;CAO QingJun

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 08