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Scientia Agricultura Sinica
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Supervisor(s): Ministry of Agriculture
Sponsor(s): Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies

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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2018  

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  • Scientia Agricultura Sinica, the 1st in Comprehensive Agricultural Science, is supervised by Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, and sponsored by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, launched in 1960, is a leading peer-reviewed and mufti-disciplinary journal and published semi-monthly in Chinese with English title, abstract, figures, tables and references. It aims to publish those papers that are influential and will significantly advance scientific understanding in agriculture fields worldwide. The scope covers Crop Genetics, Breeding, Germplasm Resources; Physiology, Biochemistry, Cultivation, Tillage Plant Protection; Soil & Fertilization, Agro-Ecology & Environment, Bio-energy; Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Information Science; Food Science; Agricultural Economics and Management; Agricultural Sustainability. The journal is included in JST, CA and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief Wan Jianmin Associate Editor-in-Chief Zou Ruicang Tang HuaJun Wu Kongming Guo YuYuan Geng Xu Sun Tan Executive Editor Lu Wenru

Advances in Ecological Theories and Management Models Regarding Rangeland Management

LI XiangLin

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 01

A Meta-Analysis of Manure Application Impact on Soil Microbial Biomass Across China’s Croplands

REN FengLing;ZHANG XuBo;SUN Nan;XU MingGang;LIU KaiLou

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 01

Effect of Rainfall at Emergence on Stand Establishment and Yield of Cotton Under Different Seeding Patterns

LU HeQuan;DAI JianLong;LI ZhenHuai;LI WeiJiang;XU ShiZhen;TANG Wei;ZHANG DongMei;KONG XiangQiang;LUO Zhen;XIN ChengSong;DONG HeZhong

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 01

The Response of Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity and Fertilizer in the Southwest China

XU ChunLi;XIE Jun;WANG Ke;LI DanPing;CHEN XuanJing;ZHANG YueQiang;CHEN XinPing;SHI XiaoJun

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 01

Fitness of Herbicide-Resistant BC 3F 4 Between Two Herbicide-Resistant Transgenic Brassica napus and Wild Brassica juncea

YAN Jing;WANG XiaoLei;ZHANG YuChi;ZHANG QingLing;WANG Jian;QIANG Sheng;SONG XiaoLing

Scientia Agricultura Sinica,2018,Vol 51,No. 01