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China Journal of Highway and Transport
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  • China Journal of Highway and Transport , the 1st in the field of road transport, is supervised by China Science and Technology Association and sponsored by Highway and Transportation Society of China. It is the most authoritative academic journal of the highway transportation industry. Launched in 1988, it has been walking in the forefront of road traffic technology development. Its scope covers the achievements in road construction and transportation, including road engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, traffic engineering, road building and machinery engineering. The journal is included by CA, JST, Pж(AJ), EI, CSCD.

  • Editor-in-chief: Ma Jian

Experimental Study and Application of Lateral Swelling Stress of Expansive Soil

ZHANG Rui;ZHAO Xu;ZHENG Jian-long;LIU Zheng-nan

China Journal of Highway and Transport,2020,Vol 33,No. 09