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  • Chinese Optics started publishing bimonthly in 2008. It reports on developing trends, significant new findings and new physical insights in worldwide optics, and offers prompt publication of review papers bearing on all branches of science, engineering, and modern technology in optics. It aims to promote the generation, application and archiving of knowledge in optics and to provide a rapid forum for the dissemination of research articles and review articles. The main scopes include micro-nano optics, information optics, integrated optoelectronics, spectroscopy and spectrum instruments, laser technology and applications, optical functional materials, optics functional materials, optics design and technique, atmospheric and space optics, optical instrument and measurement, review, etc.

  • Director of Editorial Committee CAO Jianlin

Design of projection system for a micro-LED array

FENG Si-yue;LIANG Jing-qiu;LIANG Zhong-zhu;LV Jin-guang;TAO Jin;WANG Wei-biao;QIN Yu-xin;MENG De-jia

Chinese Optics,2019,Vol 12,No. 01

Stripmap mode synthetic aperture ladar imaging under large random phase errors condition

LI Ming-lei;WU Jin;BAI Tao;WAN Lei;LI Dan-yang

Chinese Optics,2019,Vol 12,No. 01

Silicon-based ultraviolet photodetection: progress and prospects

ZHANG Meng-jiao;CAI Yi;JIANG Feng;ZHONG Hai-zheng;WANG Ling-xue

Chinese Optics,2019,Vol 12,No. 01

Construction of a LAMOST high resolution spectrograph

ZHANG Tian-yi;ZHU Yong-tian;HOU Yong-hui;ZHANG Kai;HU Zhong-wen;WANG Lei;CHEN Yi;JIANG Hai-jiao;TANG Zhen;XU Ming-ming;JIANG Ming-da

Chinese Optics,2019,Vol 12,No. 01

Advances in terahertz three-dimensional imaging techniques

WANG Yu-ye;CHEN Lin-yu;XU De-gang;SHI Jia;FENG Hua;YAO Jian-quan

Chinese Optics,2019,Vol 12,No. 01