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Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs
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  • Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs is supervised by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and sponsored by Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Chinese Pharmaceutical Association. Launched in 1970, the journal is an academic journal with a broad scope in publishing research papers, brief reports, reviews, dissertations, and special treatises on the recent achievements of basic study, production, quality control, and clinic application on traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese materia medica. The journal is included in CA, JST and CSCD.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Tang Lida

    Chen Changqing

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A new norlignan from fruiting bodies of Amauroderma rude

MA Zu-hong;YANG Qiao-fen;HU Qiu-yue;CHEN Yan-jun;SUN Yan-qi;ZHANG Rui-qi;DONG Miao;YE Yan-qing;ZHOU Min

Vol 50,No. 02

Preparation, spectroscopy and molecular modelling studies of inclusion complex of vincamine with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin

YANG Yun-han;ZHAO Xue-qiu;DU Yao;YANG Jun-li;CHEN Wen;LI Yan-hua;YANG Li-juan;CHUAN Yong-ming

Vol 50,No. 02

Mechanisms of Gexia Zhuyu Decoction on anti-angiogenesis of hepatic fibrosis based on regulation of VEGF mRNA expression mediated by HIF-1α

CHEN Lan-yu;MA Ji-zheng;LIU Yong-mei;ZHANG Yun

Vol 50,No. 02

Lipidomics study of protective effect of Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae and Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong on rats with focal cerebral ischemia injury based on UPLC-Q/TOF-MS

WEI Yuan-shi;ZHU Li-xia;HUANG Xing-xing;ZHANG Ying-feng

Vol 50,No. 02

Exploration and application of a new method for rapid extraction of DNA from Chinese medicinal materials

YANG Lu;WU Wen-ru;FU Fei;ZHOU Hua;WU Xiao-yan;HUANG Zu-bo;AN Xin

Vol 50,No. 02

A numerical dynamic simulation study of licorice concentration process

HOU Yi-zhe;LI Zheng;YU He-shui;CHEN Ting-tian;YU Yang

Vol 50,No. 02