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Biodiversity Science
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s): Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsor(s): Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS;Botanical Society of China; Institute of Botany, CAS;Institute of Zoology, CAS;Institute of Microbiology, CAS

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  • Biodiversity Science(formerly Chinese Biodiversity)published its first issue in October 1993. It is sponsored by the Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Botanical Society of China and jointly managed by Institute of Botany, Institute of Zoology and Institute of Microbiology, CAS. It is the first nationwide academic journal that specifically addresses the issues of biodiversity, aiming to enhance information exchange between Chinese and international scholars.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ma Keping

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Fu Shenglei;Guo Liangdong
    Jiang Zhigang;Kong Hongzhi
    Li Bo;Xue Dayuan

Environmental DNA (eDNA)-metabarcoding-based early monitoring and warning for invasive species in aquatic ecosystems

LI Hanxi ;HUANG Xuena ;LI Shiguo ;ZHAN Aibin

Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol 27,No. 05

EPPS, a metabarcoding bioinformatics pipeline using Nextflow

LI Yiyuan ;David C.Molik;Michael E.Pfrender

Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol 27,No. 05

Fast surveys and molecular diet analysis of carnivores based on fecal DNA and metabarcoding

SHAO Xinning;SONG Dazhao;HUANG Qiaowen;LI Sheng;YAO Meng

Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol 27,No. 05

A new perspective on landscape impact on bee populations: Considering the bee gut microbiome

TANG Min ;ZOU Yi ;SU Qinzhi ;ZHOU Xin

Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol 27,No. 05

A curated 16S rRNA reference database for the classification of honeybee and bumblebee gut microbiota

ZHANG Xue;LI Xing’an;SU Qinzhi;CAO Qina;LI Chenyi;NIU Qingsheng;ZHENG Hao

Biodiversity Science,2019,Vol 27,No. 05