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Biodiversity Science
Translated from the Chinese edition
Supervisor(s):Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsor(s):Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS;Botanical Society of China; Institute of Botany, CAS;Institute of Zoology, CAS;Institute of Microbiology, CAS

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Current Issue: Issue 01, 2021  

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  • Biodiversity Science(formerly Chinese Biodiversity)published its first issue in October 1993. It is sponsored by the Biodiversity Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Botanical Society of China and jointly managed by Institute of Botany, Institute of Zoology and Institute of Microbiology, CAS. It is the first nationwide academic journal that specifically addresses the issues of biodiversity, aiming to enhance information exchange between Chinese and international scholars.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Ma Keping

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Fu Shenglei;Guo Liangdong
    Lei Fumin;Kong Hongzhi
    Lv Zhi;Zhang Jian
    Guo Qinghua;Huang Xiaolei

On implementation path of the strictest conservation policies in national park management

Yan Yan;Fanglin Tang;Yongchen Tian;Kun Jin

Biodiversity Science,2021,Vol 29,No. 01

Application of passive acoustic monitoring technology in the monitoring of western black crested gibbons

Enzhu Zhong;Zhenhua Guan;Xingce Zhou;Youjie Zhao;Han Li;Shaobin Tan;Kunrong Hu

Biodiversity Science,2021,Vol 29,No. 01

The contributions of animal movement network researches to landscape ecology

Yuehui Li;Yuanman Hu

Biodiversity Science,2021,Vol 29,No. 01

Plant strategies for nitrogen acquisition and their effects on exotic plant invasions

Simiao Sun;Jixin Chen;Weiwei Feng;Chang Zhang;Kai Huang;Ming Guan;Jiankun Sun;Mingchao Liu;Yulong Feng

Biodiversity Science,2021,Vol 29,No. 01