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Current Issue: Issue 02, 2019  

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  • 《World Chinese Medicine》is a comprehensive academic journal of Chinese medicine. The magazine is aimed at domestic and foreign medical workers, especially the medical staff of TCM medical, teaching, scientific research and management, and is the first in China to be global. Publicly issued Chinese medicine academic journals.

  • Editor-in-Chief:Wu Yiling

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Study on the Fingerprint of Xanthium sibiricum L. from Different Origins and the Content Determination of Its Main Components

HE Qin;ZHENG Wei;LI Weidong;JIN Junjie;CAI Baochang;DONG Zibo;QIN Kunming

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

Advances of Electronic Nose Technology and Its Application in Chinese Medicine Industry

FEI Chenghao;DAI Hui;SU Hang;LI Lin;LU Tulin;LI Weidong;CAI Baochang;YIN Fangzhou

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

A comparative Study on the Aesculus hippocastanum L. and Chinese Buckeye Seed Based on Chinese and English Literature Databases

ZHAO Danping;ZHANG Jianjun;FEI Wenting;ZHU Yingli;TANG Ruying;WANG Linyuan

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

Qualitative Study on Chemical Composition of Ginger Magnolia with Different Methods Based on UHPLC-UV-Q-TOF-MS/MS

SUN Kanping;QIN Kunming;LI Weidong;PENG Siying;JIN Junjie;YANG Bing;CAI Baochang

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

Rapid Identification and Characterization of Chemical Components in the Active Part of Herba Cynomorii by UPLC/LTQ-Orbitrapa MS

CHENG Dan;CHANG Hong-sheng;WANG Xu;MA Su-ya;LI Ling-ling;LI Xin-jie;LU Yi

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

Study on Mechanism of Liver Injury in Rats Induced by Emodin Based on Lable-free Proteomics Technology

YANG Xiaowei;ZHANG Yinhuan;DUAN Feipeng;XIAO Hongbin

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02

Extraction and Separation of Bioactive Flavonoids from Oxytropis falcata by Polyamide Chromatography Combined with Medium-pressure Liquid Chromatography

NIU Liran;LI Guancong;YANG Guangming;PAN Yang;CAI Baochang

World Chinese Medicine,2019,Vol 14,No. 02