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Current Issue: Issue 04, 2018  

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  • This journal publishes innovative research results on demography and crossing field of demography and economics of our country and frontier trends about domestic demography and social economics research.

  • Editor-in-Chief
    Wang Jiaqiong

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Yang Qinghe, Tong Yufen

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Access to home care community service for the elderly: conceptual model, index system and comprehensive evaluation

YONG Lan;WANG Zhenzhen;ZHANG Dongmin

No. 04

The employment effect of the spatial agglomeration in China: based on the perspective of individual employment quality

WANG Yingying

No. 04

The impact of the number of children on the intergenerational economic support of the family: evasion of the responsibility or competitive demonstration

ZHANG Haifeng;LIN Xixi;ZHANG Minghong

No. 04

Urban-rural social security gap, human capital investment and economic development

CHEN Xi;BIAN Shu;FAN Lulu;HAN Zhibin

No. 04

Gender discrimination in the sectors with different ownership: from the view of income

LIU Zhiguo;SONG Haiying

No. 04

The subjective well-being of the China’s post-80: the happiness paradox between powerful groups and vulnerable groups and its explanation

ZHENG Zhenhua;CHEN Hong;PENG Xizhe;YANG Liu

No. 04