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  • The awards and honors that Acta Meteor. Sinica has received in recent years include: (1) Top 5% Chinese Academic Journals with the Highest International Impact 2012-2014, (2) Top 100 S&T Journals of China 2013, (3) China Government Award for Journals--Nominees Award 2013, (4) Outstanding S&T Journals of China 2008, 2011, 2014, and (5)Elite S&T Journal Support Program of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) for 2015-2017. AMS publishes the latest achievements and developments in the field of atmospheric sciences and related disciplines such as geophysics and environmental sciences. AMS covers a broad range of topics such as: global climate change, monsoons, Tibetan Plateau meteorology, earth system modeling, atmospheric chemistry and environment, radar and satellite meteorology, atmospheric sounding and remote sensing, boundary layer meteorology, aerosols, clouds, and air pollution, weather modification, agricultural and forest meteorology, and so on.

  • Eidtor-in-chief
    Ding Yihui

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Multi-scale characteristics of atmospheric circulation related to short-time strong rainfall events in Beijing

YANG Bo;SUN Jisong;MAO Xu;LIN Yinjing

Vol 74,No. 06

Statistical characteristics of the tropical cyclone activities over the Northwest Pacific and the Bay of Bengal during the Asian summer monsoon onset

REN Suling;LIU Yimin;WU Guoxiong

Vol 74,No. 06

Simulation of the evolution of the charge structure during the landfall of Typhoon Molave (2009)

XU Liangtao;ZHANG Yijun;ZHANG Wenjuan;WANG Fei;ZHENG Dong

Vol 74,No. 06

Climatology of the winter extratropical antiyclones over Eurasia

TIAN Xiao;ZHI Xiefei

Vol 74,No. 06

Sensitivity study of vertical resolution in WRF numerical simulation for sea fog over the Yellow Sea

YANG Yue;GAO Shanhong

Vol 74,No. 06

A study of multi-size aerosol hygroscopic parameterization in the summer over Huangshan Mountain

WANG Qihua;YANG Suying;LI Yanwei;YIN Yan;ZHANG Zefeng;CHEN Kui;ZHAO Lijun

Vol 74,No. 06

Stationary waves forced by subtropical sensible heating in a linear quasi-geostrophic model

ZHANG Yani;LIU Yimin;WU Guoxiong;YAO Xiuping

Vol 74,No. 06

Horizontal and vertical scales of convective clouds over China and the surrounding oceans

LU Zhixian;LI Yunying;FANG Lexin

Vol 74,No. 06

Impacts of relative humidity and PM 2.5 concentration on atmospheric visibility: A comparative study of hourly observations of multiple stations

FAN Gaofeng;MA Hao;ZHANG Xiaowei;LIU Ying

Vol 74,No. 06

?Inter-annual and inter-decadal variability of the spring storm track over the North Pacific and its association with SST anomalies

YUAN Chao;XU Haiming

Vol 74,No. 06