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Youth Studies
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Current Issue: Issue 02, 2018  

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  • Youth Studies aims to provide youth with enlightenment, promote academic exchange and develop youth studies.

  • Chairman of the Editorial Board
    Chen Guangjin

    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Zhang Zhimei
    Zhao Lianfei

Parent-child interaction, school resources, and the students’ educational expectations

ZHANG Yunliang

Youth Studies,2018,No. 02

Integrated model of adolescents’ intervention on pro-social behavior

ZHANG Qingpeng

Youth Studies,2018,No. 02

Measurement and analysis of rural residents’ intergenerational occupational mobility

SUN Xu;LEI Xiaolu

Youth Studies,2018,No. 02

Market transformation, segmentation of labor market and intergenerational industrial mobility

XU Qinghong

Youth Studies,2018,No. 02