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  • Youth Studies aims to provide youth with enlightenment, promote academic exchange and develop youth studies.

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    Chen Guangjin

    Chen Guangjin

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief
    Zhang Zhimei
    Zhao Lianfei

The comparative study on the adolescents’ social competence between the only child and non-only child

ZHANG Yueyun;TONG Yuyin;LIU Baozhong

Youth Studies,2017,No. 03

Contemporary Chinese college students’ entrepreneurial intention and entrepreneurship practice: empirical findings based on survey data from 12 universities across the country


Youth Studies,2017,No. 03

Urban scale, public service and the tendency of family cohabitation among migrant workers

WANG Jianhua

Youth Studies,2017,No. 03

Psychological capital, emotional adaptation and college students’ Internet addiction: analysis on the total effect moderation model based on gender differences

BI Xiangyang

Youth Studies,2017,No. 03

Structural status, social integration, and residence willingness in Beijing among youth with household registration from other areas

SUN Liqiang;DU Xiaoshuang;LI Guowu

Youth Studies,2017,No. 03

The social ecological assets and resilience of urban NEET adolescents

ZHOU Xiaochun

Youth Studies,2017,No. 03