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  • Youth Studies aims to provide youth with enlightenment, promote academic exchange and develop youth studies.

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    Chen Guangjin

    Chen Guangjin

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    Zhang Zhimei
    Zhao Lianfei

Parents’ expectation, school types and migrant children’s academic achievement


Youth Studies,2017,No. 02

The impact of social capital on the public’s mental health in the disaster-stricken area: the longitudinal data analysis based on the Wenchuan earthquake-hit area

WEI Jianwen;HAN Yang

Youth Studies,2017,No. 02

The intergenerational study on traditional and modern bicultural self-construal

TAN Xuyun;YANG Zhaoning;GU Zibei

Youth Studies,2017,No. 02

The study on career trajectories of female cadres in villages and towns from the perspective of life course

LIAO Yini;NIE Jianliang;WANG Caiyun

Youth Studies,2017,No. 02

Developmental view of employment, job transition and “de-manualization” of occupation among new-generation migrant workers

LI Ping

Youth Studies,2017,No. 02

The study on Chinese masculinity under multiple perspectives

PI Xingcan;WANG Xiying

Youth Studies,2017,No. 02